The company management has nearly 3 decades of experience in manufacturing and selling PVC profiles and LLDPE water tanks. The firm  has been able to source technology and materials from all over the world and has set up an amalgamated process, combining all the technology we believe suits our production process better. Offering a unique product with no compromises.

Raunaq offers a large range of profiles, suiting all segments of the Indian market, we have introduced many sub-brands to classify products based on their surface finish and specifications, in descending order ULTIMA, EXCELIA, PRIME, DIGITAL, COSMIC, TIPS AND ECO. Raunaq also offers the maximum no. of colors and finishes available in the Indian market.

Raunaq is the first organization to manufacture 21” (535mm) wide Single Panel for Door combo and a wide range of Indian make, Digital laser Print and Membrane profiles for Doors and Interiors.

 Raunaq is committed to offer supply and service within 72 hours of receiving orders and payments in maximum cases.

RAUNAQ Tanks are also available in maximum ranges from Double layers to Six layers including ISI, marked and approved by various government departments like PWD, CPWD & MIS.


The Raunaq group has the following forms of Polymer Molding and Processing systems in india

  • – The 2nd best technology in terms of tons used in India in Polymer Molding and processing industry. Our decades of experience and extrusion technology that has been sourced from professionals all over the world.
  • – The World’s best technology in Water tank and Utility products. We offer bi-axle and rock and roll rotomolding.
  • – For in house supervised mixture of the raw material blend.
  • – The group has a Door manufacturing facility in state of art plant and one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Readymade Doors with Frame